The general management, care, control and supervision of the city water system shall be in the superintendents of water and sewage, who shall be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the governing body.

(Code 1998)

Any person desiring a connection with the municipal water system shall apply in writing to the city clerk, on a form furnished by the city for that purpose, for a permit to make the connection.

(Code 1998)

Prior to the installation of any water meter in the city, the person desiring the installation shall pay fees.

(Code 1998)

The city clerk is hereby directed that no installation for new water shall be ordered until the meter or installation charge has first been paid to the city.

(Ord. 811, Sec. 3)

The cost of meter and materials for installation will be determined by the city clerk and the utility supervisor subject to approval by the governing body. Cost shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

(Ord. 811, Sec. 4)

All taps shall be given, street excavations made, corporation cocks inserted, pipes installed from main to curb, and the curb cock installed in a meter box to which the service pipe is to be inspected by city employees only.

(Code 1998)

The fees for connection to the city waterworks system shall be pursuant to the City’s annual Fee Resolution.

(Ord. 1046, Sec. 1; Code 2009)

There shall be a curb cock in every service line attached to the city main, the same to be placed within the meter box. Curb cocks shall be supplied with strong and suitable “T” handles.

(Code 1998)

Check valves are required on all connections to steam boilers or on any other connection deemed necessary by the water superinten­dent. Safety and relief valves shall be placed on all boilers or other steam apparatus connected with the water system where the steam pressure may be raised in excess of 40 pounds per square inch.

(Code 1998)

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation, other than duly authorized city officials or employees to turn water on or off at the water meter or curb cock shut off, with a key or in any other manner, without first obtaining written permission from the mayor or the governing body.

(Ord. 656, Sec. 2; Code 1998)

(a)   All water furnished to customers shall be metered.

(b)   Meters shall be located between the sidewalk or property line and curbing when the main is in the street, and on private property within three feet of the alley line when the main is in the alley. In the business district, the meters may be installed in the basement at a location specified by the city.

(c)   The city's responsibility stops at the meter.

(d)   The repair or replacement of any meter, meter yoke and immediate connection made necessary as a result of back pressure, the driving of a motor vehicle over the meter or any other intentional or negligent act of the consumer, the family, guests or licensees, shall be the duty and responsibility of the consumer; and when repaired by the city, the cost of making such repairs or replacement shall be charged to the consumer and may be shown upon the regular water bill and failure to pay such charge shall constitute grounds for termination of services as though such consumer had refused or neglected to pay the normal charge for water services consumed.

(e)   It shall be the duty and responsibility of the city to keep in proper repair, without charge to the consumer, the repair of all master meters or individual meters.

(f)   Meter fees are established pursuant to the City’s annual Fee Resolution.

(Ord. 656, Sec. 2; Ord. 1046, Sec. 1; Code 2009)

Meters shall be tested before being set and at any other time thereafter when they appear to be measuring incorrectly. If a test is requested by the customer and the meter is found to be accurate within two percent, the meter will be deemed correct and a charge of $10 will be made to the customer.

(Code 1998)

It shall be unlawful for any person to break the seal of any meter, to alter the register or mechanism of any meter, or to make any outlet or connection in any manner so that water supplied by the city may be used or wasted without being metered. It shall be unlawful for any person except an authorized employee of the water department to turn any curb cock on or off. Should any water customer reconnect to the main water system without paying the current water charges and reconnection fee, there shall be assessed an additional penalty for meter tampering of an amount equal to the reconnection fee charged for that incident.

(Ord. 656, Secs. 3:4; Ord. 958, Sec. 3; Code 1998)

No allowances shall be made for water used or lost through leaks, carelessness, neglect or otherwise after the same has passed through the meter. However, every customer shall have the right to appeal to the city from water bill or meter reading which he or she may consider excessive.

(Code 1998)

Reconnection fees shall be established by the City’s annual Fee Resolution.

(Ord. 958; Ord. 1046, Sec. 1; Code 2009)

At the time of making applications for water service, the property owner or customer may be required to make a cash deposit in the amount and manner specified in section 15-106 to secure payment of accrued bills or bills due on discontinuance of service.

(Code 1998; Ord. 2347)

The city reserves the right to interrupt water service for the purpose of making repairs or extensions to water lines or equipment.

(Code 1998)

It shall be a violation of this article for any unauthorized person to:

(a)   Perform any work upon the pipes or appurtenances of the city's waterworks system beyond a private property line unless such person is employed by the city;

(b)   Make any connections with any extension of the supply pipes of any consumer without written permission to do so having been first obtained from the governing body;

(c)   Remove, handle or otherwise molest or disturb any meter, meter lid, cutoff, or any other appurtenances to the water system of the city;

(d)   To maliciously, willfully, or negligently break, damage, destroy, deface or tamper with any meter, structure, appurtenance, or equipment which is part of the municipal water system.

(Code 2009)

Authorized employees of the city may enter upon any premises at reasonable hours for the purpose of reading the meter or servicing or inspecting meters or water lines.

(Code 1998)

The rates per month for the use of water in the city shall be established by the City’s annual Fee Resolution.

(Ord. 1046, Sec. 1; Code 2009)