A snowmobile is any vehicle subject to the operating limitations of K.S.A. 8-1585.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 1; Ord. 692)

No person shall operate a snowmobile within the city limits of the city unless such snowmobile is registered in accordance with section 14-503 of this article. Snowmobiles shall be operated only in compliance with sections 14-504:507 of this article and all other snowmobile operation is hereby prohibited.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 2; Ord. 692)

All snowmobiles operating within the city must be registered and must bear a certificate issued by the city clerk reflecting current registration. The city clerk shall issue registration certificates pursuant to rules and regulations that may from time to time be adopted. The fee for the issuance of a registration certificate is $5 for the annual period from September 1 through August 31. This registration fee shall not be prorated for part years.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 3; Ord. 692)

Snowmobiles may be operated within the city limits of the city only to traverse the city on the following routes:

Kaw Avenue from First Street to Second Street.

First Street from Hadley Road to Kaw Avenue and from Ottawa Street to Ferry Road.

Beecroft Road from Ferry Road to Hadley Road.

Shawnee Street from First Street to Second Street.

Ottawa Street from the Kansas River to Second Street.

Second Street from Kickapoo Street to Ottawa Street.

Kickapoo Street from Second Street to Fifth Street.

Fifth and Sixth Streets from Kickapoo Street to Penner Road.

Penner Road from Sixth Street to Ninth Street.

Hilltop Road from Thorp Street to Fifth Street.

Thorp Street from Hilltop Road to Valleyview.

Hillcrest Street from Thorp Street to its end and the south shoulder of Lexington Avenue from the end of Hillcrest Street to Ottawa Street.

In addition, snowmobiles may be operated on the most direct route from their place of normal storage to the above-designated route.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 4; Ord. 692)

Snowmobiles may be operated on the route designated in section 14-504 only for the purpose of traversing the city to go to and from the normal place of storage to an area outside the city or to obtain fuel.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 5; Ord. 692)

All operators of snowmobiles operating in the city must have a driver’s license valid in the State of Kansas.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 6; Ord. 692)

All snowmobiles operating in the city pursuant to this article must have a safety flag of a bright reflective color at least four inches by six inches displayed at least 48 inches above the surface of the roadway and must have front and rear lights on at all times.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 7; Ord. 692)

Any person operating a snowmobile in violation of this article or any adult permitting an unlicensed driver under his or her supervision to operate a snowmobile in violation of this article may be prosecuted in the municipal court and shall be subject to a fine not to exceed $100 or imprisonment for a period not to exceed 30 days or a combination of such fine and imprisonment for each separate violation of this article.

(Ord. 536, Sec. 8; Ord. 692)